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SHT20 SHT30 SHTC3 SHT35 I2C Temperature Humidity Sensor Probe

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SHT20 SHT30 SHTC3 SHT35 I2C Temperature Humidity Sensor Probe

Product introduction:

The temperature and humidity sensor uses Sensirion digital temperature and humidity chips. The sensor outputs calibrated digital signals in standard I2C format for accurate measurement. In order to meet the customer's use in non-PCB board welding environment, waterproof design and use of lead mounted for customer's convenience.

Functional characteristics

  • The new generation of the all-new Swiss Sensirion Temperature and humidity chip.

  • I2 C interface, digital signal output resolution up to 14 bits.

  • Full calibration, internal self-calibration.

  • Low power consumption, high reliability and excellent long-term stability.

  • The combination of temperature and humidity is convenient for dew measurement.

  • Waterproof sealant is adopted to prevent short circuit in wet environment.

  • Suitable for temperature and humidity detection of cold chain, electric power, refrigerator, etc. Line length can be customized.

Storage conditions and precautions:

Air relative humidity is a function of temperature, air temperature has a great effect on the relative humidity, acid, alkali, salt and other compounds on water vapor.

The nature of the theory has a significant impact, should pay attention to the following matters when using:

  • The temperature and humidity sensor should be installed in a place where the temperature is relatively stable and can best represent the measured ambient temperature and humidity;

  • avoid installation in places with drastic changes in temperature;

  • avoid installation in the place of fierce air flow;

  • avoid installation in the dead Angle where the air does not flow;

  • avoid using in the environment with salt spray;

  • avoid use in corrosive gas environment;

  • Sensors exposed to extreme working conditions or chemical vapors can be restored to a calibrated state through the following treatment;

  • Drying: Keep at 80℃ and less than 5%RH for more than 10 hours;

  • Rehydration: Keep at 20-30℃ and humidity >75%RH for 12 hours;

  • The temperature and humidity sensor and circuit inside the module have been protected by silicone rubber, and are protected by waterproof and breathable shell, which can effectively improve its service life in high humidity environment. However, it is still necessary to take care to avoid the sensor being soaked in water, or long-term use in high humidity and condensation conditions.


RS485 Modbus Water Proof Temperature Humidity Sensor Probe

Basic feature

  • Power: DC5V~DC24V

  • Temperature Measuring Range : -30℃~80℃

  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH

  • Measuring Precision:

  • Temperature:±0.5℃ (resolution: 0.1℃) / Humidity:±5%rh (resolution: 0.1 rh)

  • Output: RS485 (Protocol MODBUS RTU)

  • Consumption <0.1W

  • RS485 Communication distance: up to 800m

  • default cable length: 0.5m (can customize length)






Cable color



Power +(DC5-30V)


Power -

Yellow (or green)

RS485 A+


RS485 B-

RS485 communication Default
parameters: 4800,n,8,1

Default device address is 1

Modbus RTU protocol

E.g. master read temperature humidity:

Sensor responds:

Temperature calculates:

When temperature less than 0, value will be responded in complement 

Temperature: FF9F H= -97 => temperature= -9.7℃

Humidity: 1E6 H= 486 => humidity= 48.6%

Set slave ID

E.g., set slave ID=2, Master sends

Sensor responds:

Set baud rate

E.g., set baud rate to 9600, Master sends

Sensor responds:

Enquiry slave ID

Master sends

Sensor responds:

Provide config tool

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