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RS485 wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitter 4-20mA temperature and humidity sensor with display track installation

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CWT-XYTH Temperature Humidity Transmitter Manual

CWT-XYTH-S (RS485 type)

Basic parameters


Mounting method: Wall mounting or DIN

Open encloser to Wire

RS485 communication Default parameters: 9600,n,8,1

Default device address is 1

Modbus RTU protocol

E.g. master read temperature humidity:

Sensor responds:

Temperature calculates:

00F8 (HEX)= 248 (DEC)

Output value 0~1650 corresponds to -40~125℃


Humidity calculates:

00177 (HEX)= 375 (DEC)

Output value 0~1000 corresponds to 0~100%RH


Set slave ID

E.g., set slave ID=9, Master sends

Sensor responds:

Enquiry slave ID

Master sends

Sensor responds:

CWT-XYTH config tool instruction

1 Connect sensor

Connect sensor to PC by a RS485 to USB converter

2 Read value

2.1 read ID

2.2 read temperature or humidity

3 Set parameters

3.1 Set ID

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