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RS485 Modbus Water Proof Temperature Humidity Sensor Probe

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RS485 Modbus Water Proof Temperature Humidity Sensor Probe

Basic feature

  • Power: DC5V~DC24V

  • Temperature Measuring Range : -30℃~80℃

  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH

  • Measuring Precision:

  • Temperature:±0.5℃ (resolution: 0.1℃) / Humidity:±5%rh (resolution: 0.1 rh)

  • Output: RS485 (Protocol MODBUS RTU)

  • Consumption <0.1W

  • RS485 Communication distance: up to 800m

  • default cable length: 0.5m (can customize length)








Cable color



Power +(DC5-30V)


Power -

Yellow (or green)

RS485 A+


RS485 B-

RS485 communication Default
parameters: 4800,n,8,1

Default device address is 1

Modbus RTU protocol

E.g. master read temperature humidity:

Sensor responds:

Temperature calculates:

When temperature less than 0, value will be responded in complement 

Temperature: FF9F H= -97 => temperature= -9.7℃

Humidity: 1E6 H= 486 => humidity= 48.6%

Set slave ID

E.g., set slave ID=2, Master sends

Sensor responds:

Set baud rate

E.g., set baud rate to 9600, Master sends

Sensor responds:

Enquiry slave ID

Master sends

Sensor responds:

Provide config tool

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