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RS485 Modbus Three Phase AC Power Meter Voltage Current Power Energy Acquisition Module

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RS485 Modbus Three Phase AC Power Meter Voltage Current Power Energy Acquisition Module


    CWT-JSY-MK-323 three-phase mutual inductance power quality detector is our company adopts microelectronics technology and dedicated large- scale integrated circuits, the application of digital sampling processing technology and advanced technology such as SMT technology research and development with completely independent intellectual property rights of the three-phase power quality detector. The detector technical performance in full compliance with the national standard in IEC 62053-21 grade 1 three-phase active energy meter related technical requirements, can directly and accurately measure the rated frequency of 50HZ or 60HZ three-phase AC power grid voltage, current, power, power factor, electricity and total electrical parameters. The detector built-in 1 channel RS485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol to facilitate and a variety of AMR system connection, with reliability,
small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy installation and other characteristics.

    CWT-JSY-MK-323 three-phase mutual inductance power quality detector can be widely used in energy-saving transformation, electric power, communications, railways, transportation, Environmental protection, petrochemical, steel and other industries, used to monitor the current and power consumption of AC equipment.

Functional features

  • Collect three-phase AC electrical parameters, including voltage, current, power, electric energy and other electrical parameters, complete information;

  • Using special measurement chip, effective value measurement method, high measurement accuracy;

  • With 1 channel RS-485 communication interface;

  • The communication protocol adopts standard Modbus-RTU, which has good compatibility and is convenient for programming;

  • RS-485 communication interface with ESD protection circuit;

  • Wide operating voltage AC80 ~ 240V;

  • Using industrial-grade chips, built-in watchdog, and has a sound anti-lightning anti-interference measure to ensure reliability;

  • High isolation voltage, withstand voltage up to AC: 2000V;

  • It can be equipped with different specifications of single-turn core transformer or open-close transformer, convenient and easy to use;
    (Note: Open-close current transformers are mainly used in industrial mid-city networks, power transmission systems, rural project transformation, Easy to install, no need to disassemble a bus, can also be live operation, and does not affect the customer's normal electricity, for the user to transform. The project saves a lot of manpower, material and financial resources and improves the efficiency of transformation. This series of open-close current transformer can be used with relay. The protection, measurement and current meter metering devices are used together.)

Technical parameters

Three-phase AC input

1) Voltage range: 100V, 220V, 380V and other optional;

2) Current range: 50A, 100A, 200A,500A and other optional ;

3) Signal processing: using dedicated measurement chip, 24 AD sampling;

4) Overload capacity: 1.2 times the range is sustainable; Instantaneous (<200mS) current 5 times, voltage 2 times the range is not damaged;

5) Input impedance: voltage channel> 1 kΩ/V; 1.3.2 Switching quantity output 1 relay, open circuit output, voltage, current overload alarm protection output function;

Communication Interface

1) Interface type: provide 1 channel RS-485 interface;

2) Communication Statute: MODBUS-RTU Statute;

3) Data format: "n,8,1", "e,8,1", "o,8,1", "n,8,2";

4) Communication rate: the baud rate of the RS-485 communication interface can be set to 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600Bps; The factory default baud rate is 9600bps, and the data "n,8,1" format is used;

5) Communication data: Voltage, current, power, energy and other electrical parameters. See Modbus data register list.

Measurement accuracy

Voltage, current and power: ± 1.0%; active power level 1;

Isolation: DO/RS-485 interface, isolated from AC power supply, voltage input and current input; isolation withstand voltage 2000VDC;


1) Optional 100V, 220V, 380VAC;

    When AC220V power supply, Typical power consumption: <2W;

Working environment

1) Working temperature: -20 ~ +60 ; Storage temperature: -40 ~ +85 ;

2) Relative humidity: 5 ~ 95%, no condensation (at 40 );

3) Altitude: 0~3000 meters;

4) Environment: no explosion, corrosive gas and conductive dust, no significant shaking, vibration and impact of the place;

Temperature drift: <100ppm/ ;

Installation method: 4P guide rail installation;

Module size: 70*90*57mm

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