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RS485 Modbus Single-channel AC/DC Power Meter Voltage Current Power Energy Acquisition Module

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RS485 Modbus Single-channel AC/DC Power Meter Voltage Current Power Energy Acquisition Module


      CWT-JSY-MK-229 single-channel AC/DC collector is a highly integrated measurement and digital communication technology. It can complete the measurement, collection and transmission of DC electrical parameters. It can accurately measure DC voltage, current, power, electricity and other electrical parameters. It has a RS485 communication interface, completely isolated circuit, small volume and simple interface. It can be easily embedded into various equipment that need to measure DC power consumption and has excellent cost performance.

CWT-JSY-MK-229 AC/DC collector can be widely used in energy-saving transformation, AC/DC charging pile, electric power, communication, railway, transportation, environmental protection, petrochemical, steel and other industries, and used to remotely monitor the use of AC/DC equipment.

Functional characteristics

  • Acquisition of AC/DC electrical parameters, including voltage, current, power, power factor, power multiple electrical parameters;

  • Using special measurement chip, effective value measurement method, high measurement accuracy;

  • 1 channel 485 communication interface;

  • Communication protocol using Modbus-RTU, good compatibility, easy programming; 12 ~ 36VDC power supply;

  • Can be equipped with different specifications of the shunt.

Technical parameters

AC/DC input

  • Voltage range: AC/DC 5-1000V;

  • Current range: 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A and other optional;

  • Signal processing: using dedicated measurement chip, 24-bit AD sampling;

  • Overload capacity: 1.2 times the range is sustainable;

  • Instantaneous (<20mS) current 5 times, voltage 1.2 times the range is not damaged;

  • Input impedance: voltage channel> 1 k&Omega;/V.

Communication Interface

  • Interface type: 1-way 485 communication interface;

  • Communication Statute: MODBUS-RTU Statute;

  • data format: software settings, "n,8,1", "e,8,1", "o,8,1", "n,8,2";

  • communication rate: baud rate can be set to 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600bps(default).

Measurement data

Voltage, current, power, power factor, power multiple electrical parameters, read Modbus data register list.

Measurement accuracy

Voltage, current and power: less than ± 1.0%; electric energy level 1.


The tested power supply and the power supply are isolated from each other; the isolation withstand voltage is 4000VDC;


  • DC power supply 12~36 power supply, power consumption <20mA (12V power supply).

Working environment

  • Working temperature: -30 ~ +75 ℃; Storage temperature: -40 ~ +85 ℃;

  • The relative humidity: 5 ~ 95%, no condensation (at 40 ℃);

  • Altitude: 0~3000 m;

  • Environment: no explosion, corrosive gas and conductive dust, no significant shaking, vibration and impact of the place;


  • Installation: 35mm rail type 1.3.9

  • shell size: 90.2*36.3mm

Figure 2.1 Outline and Dimension (Unit: mm)

Outline and dimension drawing of current shunt

Description of terminal wiring diagram:

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