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Regional Water Leakage Detector, Detection Controller with 5m sensing cable

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Regional leak detection


Product introduction

    CWT-YJ-ML-S regional leak detection controller is a liquid leak detection equipment with simple operation and high-cost performance. Different sensing sensitivities can be selected through the DIP switch on the panel to adapt to different detection environments and level requirements. The relay output can be combined with various monitoring systems to achieve remote monitoring.


    CWT-YJ-ML-S is suitable for IDC computer rooms, data centers, smart buildings, libraries, museums, warehouses and other places where there is a risk of liquid leakage.


Stable and reliable

    CWT-YJ-ML-S controllers all use industrial-grade electronic components, which can not only ensure

high sensitivity during detection, but also reduce false alarms caused by various external factors. It adopts

electromagnetic compatibility design and has anti-surge, anti-static, anti-EFT and other protection



    There is a DIP switch on the controller panel. Users can select different sensing sensitivities according

to the level requirements of the detection environment (the adjustment range is within 1-20cm of the cable


Simple and easy to


    CWT-YJ-ML-S controller is suitable for standard industrial modules and DIN rail installation. All on-site

wiring can be easily completed through terminal blocks. When a leak occurs, the relay will act and the

leak indicator will light up. After the danger is eliminated, the controller will automatically return to normal

state., no manual on-site operation is required.

Local sound and light alarm

When the controller detects liquid leakage, the LED leakage indicator lights up and the internal buzzer

sounds alarm.


Sensing performance

Response time


Detection distance


Working environment

Operating temperature


Working humidity

0~95%RH (no condensation)


Supply voltage

DC 9~30V, recommend DC 12V

Power consumption


Relay output

Contact type

One set, normally closed (NC), normally open (NO)

load capacity


EMC protection level

static electricity

Contact discharge ±4KV, Air discharge ±4KV






(Unit: mm, error ±0.5mm)

Button and indicator


leak sensing cable

Product introduction

     The Non-locating leakage sensing cable is suitable for various places with the risk of liquid leakage. It can be connected with most leakage alarm hosts to form a leakage detection system. It has high detection sensitivity and fast and reliable response. The sensing cable is made of two lightweight high-density polyethylene wires pressed around a spiral central axis. Compared with parallel structure induction lines, the spiral structure can reduce environmental electromagnetic interference and false alarm rates, and also greatly improves the strength and safety of the cable service life.


    It is suitable for various places with risk of liquid leakage such as IDC computer rooms, libraries, museums, warehouses, etc.


  • The patented spiral structure design of the cable can not only reduce environmental electromagnetic interference and reduce the false alarm rate, but also greatly improve the strength and service life of the cable.

  • The sensing cable adopts a two-core wire design and is universally applicable to any leak detection system based on the short-circuit principle. It can be used with non-locating series leakage controllers.

  • The sensing cable has a plastic connector with a unique waterproof structure, which facilitates cascading to expand the detection range. Various length specifications are available to meet various detection range needs.

  • The cable is highly flexible and can be installed in complex, curved pipes and other on-site environments.




Cable diameter


Cable wire external resistance


Cable weight

28g/m±2 g/m

Cable color (skeleton)


skeleton material


Operating temperature


Flammability rating

Refer to UL 94-2017 standard and comply with V0 level

Working principle

    When liquid comes into contact with the sensing cable, the inner core wires of the two sensing cables are connected to the liquid, forming a loop. The leakage controller detects the leakage and sends out an alarm signal.

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