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Rain and snow sensor, rain, snow storm detection transmitter, RS485 or relay output with heating function

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The sensor measures whether there is rain or snowfall outdoors or in nature. It can be widely used in environment, greenhouse, aquaculture, construction, building, etc. It is safe and reliable and convenient to install.


1.Whether there is rain or snow measurement, response times 0.5S.

2.Unique AC measurement technology prevents oxidation of the induction disk and ensures long-term sensitivity.

3.IP68 protection grade design, can work outdoors for a long time.

4.Multiple transmission modes are available, providing RS485 mode upload or switch output for easy centralized monitoring.

5.Optional automatic heating function, can be used for snow detection, in the case of long-term below 0 degrees and high humidity environment, to prevent icing condensation.

6.When heating, the temperature is strictly controlled within 40°C (default) to prevent dry oxidation and prolong the service life.

7.The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable and the use is more flexible.

8.You can set alarm and reset delay to avoid frequent alarms on site.

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