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CWT5018 4DI 8AI 2Do Rs485 Gsm Gprs 4g Ethernet Wi-Fi Modbus Rtu Tcp Mqtt M2M IoT Gateway

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Product overview

CWT5018 RTU with DI, DO, AI, RS232/RS485 standard electrical interface can connect various industrial equipment, such as PLC, meters, sensors, electrical switches. It monitors the industrial system real-time running status and data, as well as constructs the remote device to a proprietary central computer and mobile phones through the GSM/GPRS/3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Ethernet communication network. It efficiently acquires the remote equipment operating parameters and process management, can be widely used in industrial automatic control, base station / computer room monitoring, environmental monitoring, water conservancy project, power industries, agriculture, etc.

System Features

  • Adopted highly integrated industrial 32-bit ARM MCU
  • Reliable performance with built-in double watchdog, 24×7 operation
  • With signal filtering mechanisms
  • Network-reconnect and retransmission to ensure data accurately transmit
  • Update RTC automatically or manually, clock source support Sms, NTP, CwtIO Server
  • Can set multiple timers(second, minute, day, week, month) to execute actions, e.g. output, upload data, change setting
  • Event-based linkage programming, e.g. alarm linkage output
  • Provide configure software, visual programming, over 100 parameters can be set
  • Inside temperature optional, can set high or low to alarm
  • Optional inside battery that life is 8-20 hours, cellular module Intelligent sleep when power lost

Port Features




(digital input):
4 channels

  • Accept dry contact


(digital output):
2 channels

  • Relay output (NO, Contact load : 2A/125VAC,220VDC)

  • Remote or local event activate DO on/off/pulse

  • Remember status when power lost


(analog input):
8 channels

  • Accept 4-20mA (option: 0-5V), Sampling frequency: 33Hz, 16-bit precision)

  • Convert signal to actual measure value,support adjustment

  • Configurable parameters for signal acquisition, alarm, data communication

  • Detect connect or disconnect to alarm

1 port

  • Support Modbus RTU protocol

  • Can work as a modbus master to read/write 64 data from slaves

  • Can work as a modbus slave to be read/write by master

  • Support isolation,15KV ESD protect


1 port

  • Communication port

1 port

  • Support ARP, DHCP, TCP, UDP protocol

  • Can be configured as serial port server, TCP client, Modbus TCP server

Communication Features

Wireless network communication

  • Option network: GPRS, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi

  • TCP/IP connect at most 4 servers(support Static IP address or domain)

  • Events(e.g. alarm, timer) trigger upload data

  • Communication protocol: Modbus TCP,http post, Cwt_IO(two-way communication

  • Support two-way data transparent transmission with RS485 or RS232

SMS Communication(only available for cellular version)

  • Preset 10 phone numbers (support distribute authority to receive sms)

  • Sms alarm when any IO channel triggered or out of preset normal range

  • Editable alarm and recover sms with time stamp

  • Query any IO channel’s status or value via sms command

  • Control output via sms command

  • Sms report any IO channel’s status or value on schedule

  • Remote setting via sms commands

  • Can query SIM card balance, sms forward

  • Support power lost sms alarm and recover sms(works with inside battery)

Ethernet communication

  • Can be configured as TCP client to connect servers, support protocol: Modbus TCP,http post, Cwt_IO(two-way communication)

  • Can be configured as Modbus TCP Server(Modbus slave), can be read or write by Modbus master(e.g. SCADA, PLC, HMI)

  • Can be configured as serial port server, support two-way data transparent transmission with RS485 or RS232

  • Support GPRS/CDMA/3G/4G to Ethernet network bridge

  • Inside HTTP server

RS485 Modbus communication

  • Support Modbus RTU protocol

  • Can work as a modbus master to read/write 64 data from slaves (like meter, PLC, transducer etc.)

  • Can work as a modbus slave to be read/write by master (HMI, SCADA etc.)

  • Support Modbus RTU to TCP convert over Ethernet or GPRS/3G

2G/4G Version Standard Package


Package list

RTU×1,antenna×1Standard adapter: DC 12V/1.5A×1serial cable×1USB cable×1

CWT Provide free Cloud Service

CWT cloud is an industrial equipment management system based on internet, cloud computing.

With CWT RTU, CWT cloud can get status, value, position of remote industrial equipment, built a very complete M2M, M2H industrial ecosystem.

CWT cloud can manage thousands CWT RTU remotely, display all industrial equipment real-time data, location tracking, control device, send commands and store data, analysis data, export data. Operations are based on internet, just login cloud via PC browser or cell phone app to do.

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