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CWT-L0111S 1Do 1Ai 1Ti RS485 Modbus Gprs 3G 4G Wifi Rtu Modem Iot Gateway

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CWT-L0111S M2M IoT Gateway

For acquiring the remote operating parameters and process management, CWT-L0111S IOT M2M Gateway help machine to access internet via GPRS/4G/Wi-Fi and establish TCP/IP connection with server.CWT-L0111S can be widely used in industrial automatic control, base station / computer room monitoring, environmental monitoring, water conservancy project, power industries, agriculture, etc.

CWT-L0111S Options and Basic Features

2G/4G Version Standard Package

IO port feature

DO (digital output) features:

  • Transistor output (drive voltage=power supply voltage, Drive current≤500mA

  • Remote or local event activate DO on/off/pulse

  • Remember status when power lost

AI (analog input) features:

  • Accept 4-20mA (option: 0-5V), Sampling frequency: 33Hz, 16-bit precision)

  • Convert signal to actual measure value,support adjustment

  • Configurable parameters for signal acquisition, alarm, data communication

  • Detect connect or disconnect to alar

TI (temp&humdity input) features:

  • Accept DS18B20 temperature probe (measure -40~80℃)

  • Accept AM2301 temperature & humidity probe (measure -40~80℃, 0~100%RH)

  • Configurable parameters for alarm (high or lower), data uploading

  • Fahrenheit or centigrade units for temperature

  • Detect probe connect or disconnect to alarm

RS485 port features

Modbus master mode on RS485 to read16 registers from slaves and push data to server by TCP/IP(optional multiple protocol)

Communication Features

System Features
  • Adopted highly integrated industrial 32-bit ARM MCU

  • Reliable performance with built-in double watchdog, 24×7 operation

  • With signal filtering mechanisms

  • Network-reconnect and retransmission to ensure data accurately transmit

  • Update RTC automatically or manually, clock source support Sms, NTP, CwtIO Server

  • Can set multiple timers(second, minute, day, week, month) to upload data

  • Provide configure software, visual programming

  • Optional inside battery that life is 8-20 hours, cellular module Intelligent sleep when power los


Standard Package List
gateway×1, antenna×1,USB cable×1, configure Software

CWT provide free cloud service

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