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RS485 to LoRa Gateway, RS485 LoRa Modem

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Brief Introduction

CWT-LG-S Lora gateway Integrates Semtech RF transceiver chip SX1278, it used for two-way data transmission between LoRa and RS485, wireless transmit distance up to 3KM (open air). it provides a long-distance wireless communication solution for RS485.

CWT-LG-S LoRa gateway Features

- Integrates Semtech RF transceiver chip SX1278

- LoRa Frequency Range: 433MHz

- LORa spread spectrum transmission, high receiving sensitivity, stable data transmission

- Excellent diffract and penetration ability, with outstanding anti-interference ability

- Wireless long-distance communication, up to 3KM (open air)

- Adopted highly integrated industrial 32-bit ARM MCU

- RS485 (or USB) to Lora two-way data transmission

- Reliable performance with built-in double watchdog, 24×7 operation

- Plug and play, easy to use

- Can set LoRa communication parameters by config tool

About CWT LoRa device wireless communication

1. Open air communication distance is about 3KM, distance will be affected by obstructions

2. Communication in building, the distance through the wall is about 5-6 layers of wall



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